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Sales and Management Training and Coaching

Successful companies do not ‘wing it’. Successful companies do not expect their culture to form out of thin air. Instead, successful companies establish and cultivate their company culture by design. They create their processes, protocols, and accountability models. Successful companies calibrate and re-calibrate as needed. They leverage their successes and course-correct when needed. They understand that their Team Members reflect their Company Culture.

Successful companies also maintain a laser-like focus on the internal departments that make up their infrastructure: service and production, administration, management, and sales. 

Coaching WIP specializes in training and coaching Management and Sales professionals to succeed. Our classes focus on our four pillars: Psychology, Processes, Strategies, and Tactics.


It can sometimes be hard in the trenches. The WIP Sales System© teaches sales professionals proven processes for prospecting, converting prospects into clients, and client retention and growth. We teach them to work smarter, not harder.

Partial list of sales topics:

  • Setting SMART goals in sales
  • Territory planning
  • Negotiating to win
  • The discipline of prospecting
  • Taking charge in discovery meetings
  • Advanced questioning and listening techniques
  • Reading body language
  • Strategic up-selling and cross-selling
  • Tracking our prospecting activities
  • Holding ourselves accountable
  • Networking both in the real and virtual world
  • Prospecting effectively on LinkedIn
  • Strategically asking for referrals
  • Time management
  • Client kickoff meetings

Additional success classes are available

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It can sometimes be daunting keeping the ranks on track and towing the line. The WIP Management System© teaches management professionals proven processes for leading and motivating our team members rather than micro-managing them.

Partial list of management topics:

  • Creating your company culture
  • Establishing sales and management processes
  • Team building
  • Interviewing and selecting the right candidate
  • Successfully on-boarding team members
  • Leading in difficult times
  • Understanding personality types
  • Territory planning and tracking
  • Negotiating to win with your team
  • Coordinating marketing and sales efforts
  • Controlling team meetings
  • Holding team members accountable
  • Annual and quarterly kickoff meetings
  • Monthly and quarterly calibration meetings
  • Periodic SWOT Analysis


Additional leadership classes are available

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