DISC Assessments/DISC Hiring Tools

What is Extended DISC®?

DISC is a tool that helps us understand ourselves better, communicate and interact with others on a deeper level, and conduct business in a more relaxed manner.

DISC is not difficult to master and once you do, you’ll understand some natural tendencies you, and others you know, possess. These skills also help you communicate, understand, and bond much quicker with new people you meet.

We utilize the Extended DISC® Model, an online tool, to help companies with:

  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • On-boarding new staff
  • Team Building
  • Motivational Leadership
  • Managing teams during challenging times
  • Improving overall Sales Performance
  • Improving customer service, as well as up-selling and crossing

What are the DISC Styles?

First off, none of these are right or wrong, good or bad. Secondly, we all possess characteristics of each style. However, we all have a style or styles where we are most comfortable. By learning these tendencies in ourselves (and others) we can utilize our strengths and not allow them to become weaknesses.

Using the DISC model, we first separate people as either People-oriented or Task-oriented. Then we identify them as either Reserved or Active. This results in 4 quadrants that give us these styles:

D-style (think Dominant)

I-style (think Influencer or Inspirer)

S-style (think Stable or Steady)

C-style (think Correct or Cautious)

Although the Four-Quadrant DISC Model with 4 profile types is useful in the most basic analyses of human behaviors, it can be too general in more specific applications. As a result, I use the Extended DISC® Diamond which was created to build upon the Four-Quadrant Model.  This DISC Diamond has 160 profile types vs. 16 profile types and shows that we are more complex and multidimensional.

These online tools help me assist companies with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, team building, training, coaching, mentoring, and leading all kinds of staff.