Free SWOT Analysis performed for you until August 28, 2020

Will your business survive 2020?

How has your business been affected due to COVID-19?

Many business professionals I speak to these days are wondering what else is around the corner that can adversely affect the future of their business.

Since March, we have collectively faced a deadly Pandemic and the resulting unprecedented national lock down of businesses. Many companies have responded by making temporary changes to mitigate damage. Many have not. Some companies have commenced long-term and permanent infrastructural changes. Some are still holding their fingers in the air waiting to see where the wind will blow.

Should we expect more unwelcomed surprises in 2020? Are we in the Eye of this Perfect Storm or on the brim? Should we prepare just in case or just pray everything will magically work itself out?

Would you like to be proactive and prepare?

Until August 28th, 2020, I am scheduling time Mondays through Fridays to help business owners perform a Virtual SWOT Analysis of their company for free.

A comprehensive SWOT Analysis helps business owners identify Strengths to be leveraged, Weaknesses to be shored up, Threats to be addressed, and Opportunities to be identified. The ways we all do business will be forever changed. If you have not performed a SWOT, rest assured that your competitors probably have.

Since this is free, is there a catch?

Yes! I ask you to donate at least $25 to any charity that is helping people during this crisis and email me proof.


To make an appointment, click the link below.

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