Marketing and Selling during a global pandemic

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Sustained marketing efforts bring prospects to your door. Superior sales skills transform those prospects into clients. They are separate and distinct, yet intrinsically intertwined. One without the other creates an imbalanced see-saw with you stuck sitting in one place.

This much we know. But how should we modify our behaviors and investments during the COVID-19 Pandemic lock-down?

Attend our Free online panel discussion on Thursday April 9th

Attend our Online Panel Discussion where you may submit your specific questions to experts who specialize in several aspects of Marketing, as well as Sales Training.

Date:                     Thursday April 9th from 10:00 until 11:30

Where:                 Online – A unique link will be emailed when you register

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  1. Sales Strategies – Frank Morales of Coaching WIP LLC
  2. Website & SEO – Doug Blais of Juggling Reality
  3. Graphic Artist & Marketing Strategies- Rosie Kosinski of Shattered Pencil
  4. Digital & Traditional Advertising – John Sadowski of Metro Valley Advertising
  5. Video Production – Dan Gianfrancesco and Zack Ryan STRIXMEDIA
  6. Content Management – Monica Dema of MD Inc.

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