Team Building & Leadership Development

The old proverb about a chain only being as strong as its weakest link clearly also applies to an organization or company. Unfortunately, many companies do not create actual processes for interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, training, and team development – in other words – building the chain (team).

In many cases, companies copy and then post generic job descriptions from online job sites. These do not necessarily convey the exact needs of the company, the specific talents and knowledge base necessary, and the numerous responsibilities the candidate will have.

Many business owners or managers interview candidates only when there is a job opening. Therefore, they rarely hone their interviewing and assessment skills. A process is not built.

Very often, when a candidate is hired, they are on-boarded thusly, “Hi, welcome aboard, there’s your desk, phone, and computer…I think you have pens in the drawer. Read the employee manual and go through our website. Okay, good luck, see you later”. Does this sound like a well thought- out strategic approach?

We help companies create a custom-tailored strategic process for Team Building. We will assist companies:

  • Create detailed search models for candidates
  • Teach staff the skills necessary to interview and hire candidates
  • Provide & train staff on the use of online employee assessment tools
  • Create a strategic onboarding process for new staff
  • Teach the management team how to become leaders
  • Teach the managers how to effectively hold staff accountable
  • Teach the sales team how to increase their hit ratio
  • Teach the sales team how to save time, money, and resources
  • Teach the sales team territory management and CRM reporting
  • Teach customer service staff how to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Teach customer service staff how to deal with difficult clients
  • Teach technicians or technical staff how to better communicate with clients
  • Interviewing services may also be provided

Our team building sessions are fun and interactive. More importantly, we help organizations proactively create a company culture that possesses an infrastructure of processes.

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