LEAD your team through the COVID-19 challenge

Demanding times are life's classroom.

Demanding times require that we learn and master new skills. Now, more than ever, business leaders must step up their game to keep their teams inspired.

DISC (Personality) Styles provide the tools we need to first understand ourselves and then others. DISC also teaches us what motivates and demotivates others, as well as ourselves.

Mastering these life-long techniques help us both in our business and personal lives.

What motivates or demotivates some people?

Some people prefer to be given a general picture of goals to accomplish, while others require very detailed steps. Some people like their supervisors to be omnipresent, while others see that as micro-management. Some people need constant feedback of their progress, while others don’t. Some people are adaptive and take well to changes and challenges, while others may become anxious, depressed, or paralyzed.

If you cannot identify how each of your team members are responding to the global COVID-19 challenge, you may want to take this online session.

What is DISC all about?

The DISC System is based on behavioral theories that have been used for over 90 years. The power of this model is that it is easy to learn, understand, and use because it identifies only four behavioral styles of individuals.
People can be divided into four quadrants by identifying if they are more:


D and C-Styles tend to be “Task” oriented 

I and S-Styles tend to be “People” oriented

 S and C-Styles tend to be “Reserved”

 D and I-Styles tend to be “Active”

The resulting styles are called:

D-Style (Dominance). This style prefers immediate feedback.

I-Style (Influence). This style likes attention.

S-Style (Steadiness). This style prefers organized feedback.

C-Style (Conscientiousness). This style requires very detailed information.


Some questions that are important:

Which style likes hugs, and which can do without them?

Which style likes to work independently?

Which style is demotivated by sudden change?

Which style likes ketchup instead of mustard on hot dogs? Kidding.

What you will learn:

Coach Frank will teach you how to:

  1. Understand DISC (Personality Styles)

  2. Identify your style

  3. Identify the styles of your Team Members

  4. Learn how to lead and motivate different styles

Sessions are provided:

  • Online via ZOOM Video Conference
  • Management Staff only
  • Team Staff only
  • Management and Team Staff
  • 1-hour and 2-hour sessions

To Reserve Your Learning Session:

Email: frank@coachingwip.com
Call: 973-970-3781

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