Frank is not only a great sales trainer/business coach, he is a great person. I contacted Frank to help my startup company grow and increase sales; needless to say, he has helped tremendously in both areas. Before I met Frank and started working with him one-on-one, my business was not where I wanted it to be. In a short period of time, he has taught me so much about running a business and communicating with prospects that my sales and revenue have increased beyond my expectations. Frank genuinely cares about his students and their success. I am excited to be working with Frank long term. He is going to be there every step of the way as I achieve my business and personal goals. Frank has changed the way I think professionally and personally and I am looking forward to growing more in the coming months. If you want a business coach that will be there when you need them the most, Frank is the person you should contact. He has changed my life and he can change yours too.

“I met Frank after getting two glowing referrals from two of his clients.  I have to tell you, as a brand new business owner, who knows absolutely zero about starting/running a business, Frank is a Godsend.  He is there for me through everything. Not just sales, but how to craft proposals, invoices, how to handle difficult clients, how to choose clients, etc.  Through every possible aspect of business ownership, Frank is my trusted advisor. I can not say enough good things about him. You would be crazy to pass the chance up to work with him.”

As one of the founders of Jonas Software, I had the privilege of working with Frank for a good number of years as he spearheaded our company’s effort in the North Eastern US, extremely successfully, I must add.

I can say without hesitation that I found Frank to excel in all efforts – from close attention to detail, to the highest degree of professionalism, and dedicated personal care to his rapidly growing client base.

We touched paths again a few years later, and I saw that nothing had changed: it was the same old Frank, with the same highest standards and dedication to serving his clients. I’m positive that clients who embrace his business techniques today step away enriched and better individuals from the interaction.

Coach Frank’s holistic approach has allowed me to grow my business while somehow expanding my time. Yes, I’m defying physics now thanks to strategic techniques and tailored training. The result: increased revenue, increased quality of work, increased passion. What was I waiting for?

Rosie Kosinski

I had the good fortune of first meeting Frank Morales when I bid out the entire IT needs for the new GlenArbor Golf Club. I awarded him the contract due to his expertise and reputation, as well as his pricing. He did not fail me. His company’s work was excellent, and it was a pleasure dealing with Frank. After leaving GlenArbor, I was hired to manage The Tuxedo Club. They were in dire need of a complete IT System’s overhaul, and again I called in Frank Morales to get the job done. He is professional and his work is timely, competitive, and always the best quality available. I would highly recommend Frank Morales without hesitation.

I cannot say enough good things about Frank. The advice he gives applies to business and life in general. I saw a difference in business the SECOND I started putting his advice into action. He knows what he’s talking about, he cares, and he seems to read your mind and immediately know how to fix the problem going on – he’s amazing!

I met Frank in 2013 through networking. I knew of the services he provided and was eager to start with him. Lack of funds was a big issue, but I had heard of the results and couldn’t deny that I needed to take this course. Frank became my coach the day I signed up. He made my transition super easy. Not only does he dedicate time each week to focus on helping me advance, but he’s become a great friend. His expertise and sales coaching has helped my confidence with my sales strategy and every sales call I make.

I would recommend Frank as a sales coach to anyone and everyone.

I had the pleasure of working with Frank both in sales and sales management training while at AAA of NJ. Frank understands his audience and tailors his message to maximize your time together, homing in and focusing your efforts on the actions that will help you achieve your goals. He excels at holding you accountable in a supportive way, cheering for your wins and offering suggestions when you don’t quite hit the mark.

Frank is encouraging, honest and dedicated. He is extraordinarily generous with his time and talents and is wholly devoted to his clients’ success. Not only is he a true professional, but is hands-down one of the kindest people you will ever meet. You will gain a coach as well as a friend!

Michele J. Egan

I have known Frank through the Morris County Chamber of Commerce for at least 5 years but only recently became a client. I must say that I am very impressed so far; the quality of the business coaching I have been receiving is amazing as is the confidence I feel that he really understands my needs and goals. Very pleased!

Having worked with Frank in the last few months, I have come to know and respect him for his consummate professionalism. His integrity is unsurpassed. His ability to teach applies to not only your business but also everyday life situations. I look forward to my continued growth with Frank’s guidance.

Donna Darlington

When I met Frank, he took a genuine and compassionate interest in my concerns and goals to take my brand to the next level. Frank took the time to understand who I was personally and professionally. His passion for working with professionals like me is exemplary.

Frank is straight to the point, but extremely patient. He has this innate ability to simplify the complicated. In a very short amount of time, I was able to see things much differently. Approaching selling became more sport than a task.
Before I met with Frank, I was successful and my business was growing at a healthy pace. I thought I was doing everything correctly just because things were working. I decided that it was necessary to take things to the next level. In order to do so, I made investment in Training and Frank Morales. From the very first class, coach call, and meeting with Frank, it was obvious that the return on investment was beyond substantial.

If you are TRULY serious about sales and becoming a confident top producer, there is nothing to consider. Contact Frank today.

Frank truly cares about his clients. From the very beginning, he took the time to understand me, my personality, values, goals, and the challenges that I’ve faced. Prior to meeting Frank, I was intimidated by the idea of having a formal sales process.  Having to go out and “sell” was something that felt unsavory to me.

Through our 1-on-1 coaching sessions, he made me feel more confident about the way I speak about my business and my services. He’s taught me about the importance of having a process, so I don’t have to continuously re-invent the wheel, which saves me an immense amount of time and effort.

Frank has shown me not only the key points to cover during various sales conversations, but also how to do it in a way that sounds natural and true to my personality and my values.

Thanks to Frank, I’ve been able to raise my prices, attract more ideal clients, and sleep better at night knowing that I have a roadmap for improving the long-term health of my business.