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What do you do when sales are down, and you feel demotivated or helpless?

Discipline is like a muscle. Muscles get tired.

Since March, we have collectively faced a deadly Pandemic that led to an unprecedented national lock down of businesses. While some major national companies filed for bankruptcy, others are joining the queue. According to the New York Times, more than 2,800 businesses in New York City have permanently closed since March 1. As per researchers at Harvard, between early March and early May, roughly 110,000 small businesses nationwide have shut down. Remaining companies have furloughed or laid off employees and most have slashed their spending budget.

Further, we are promised that we are merely facing the first wave. This may literally be only mile 8 of a Marathon (26.2 miles).

The majority of Sales Professionals I have spoken to have shared that their Q1 and Q2 sales figures were disastrous. They also say that they are uncertain and nervous about Quarters 3 and 4.

On top of this, they say that working from home has been an “interesting” challenge.  For some, sitting in cramped quarters (kitchen table), keeping the kids quiet or entertained, shooing away their cat or dog, cursing at their slow internet connection, and dealing with ZOOM fatigue has become a subconscious tedium (PTSD in the making.) If this is not enough, many have been averaging 10 to 12-hour workdays and feel they must be available to answer phone calls, SLACK, in-mail, texts, and emails beyond the workday.

All of this can wear a person down. What to do, what to do? In life, as in business, if you cannot change the situation, you must change yourself and your behaviors.

I have been helping many of my clients survive and indeed thrive during this unique epoch and I can proudly invite you to ask them how they are doing.

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