What do you do when your Sales Manager is an absolute moron?

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I know the question above sounds rather harsh. However, after helping close to 600 companies in over 20 vertical markets, I’ve grown more brutally honest. Anyway, as a New Yorker, I know that this is healthier and more productive for both my clients and me.

As we’ve seen played out in our very own White House, sometimes “the company” makes the mistake of hiring a complete idiot who has risen to his “level of incompetence” and personifies, nay embraces, Laurence J. Peter’s “Peter Principle.” Sometimes, besides incompetence, these morons are also corrupt sociopaths concerned only with lining their pockets, without caring about the damage to other people. Again, reference #45.

After training over 3,000 management and sales professionals over the past 30-plus years throughout North America, I’ve personally seen this phenomenon play out in many major companies. At times, it’s even affected me personally.

I’ve seen far too many Sales VPs and Sales Managers commit some or all of the following costly mistakes:

  • Funneling strong leads away from one sales rep to reward their favorite BN sales rep.
  • Taking stronger or larger leads for themselves after a rep has done all the legwork.
  • Taking a territory that one sales rep has built up and re-assigning it to another favorite BN sales rep, without compensating the original rep.
  • Increasing a sales rep’s quota near the end of a quarter or year.
  • Decreasing a sales rep’s commission structure near the end of a quarter or year.
  • Telling a Sales rep that she’s just not good enough and should work harder or longer hours.
  • Not properly on-boarding a new sales rep or assigning them to another sales rep to train (possibly someone who is incompetent or demotivated.)
  • Insisting his team drink Cleaning Supplies to solve their problems. Oh, sorry, that only happened with one Stable Genius, as far as I know.

The havoc incompetent leaders can wreak on employees and companies can be costly. They can so demotivate their staff that productivity, quality, customer service, and profit can plunge beyond repair. Sometimes, employees have no choice but to remain in the company and try to get along or “work around” their boss. Other times, they just leave via the revolving door.

Now, to be fair, it is not always the fault of the Sales Manager that they are incompetent. I have seen many companies “reward” their top sales pro by promoting them to Sales Manager or VP of Sales, without providing any Management Training. It is somehow a revelation to these directors that leading a team requires an entirely different skill set. They inadvertently set these pros up for failure.

So, what should a company or Sales Team do when they are better than their Sales Manager? What does a country do when they are better than the president they have?

While part of my training is focused on Management Staff, the other is Sales Professionals.

Would you like to learn how to regain your motivation and achieve your goals despite the moron(s) in your midst?

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  • BN = Brown Noser, if you didn’t figure it out.
  • I do not normally discuss politics on Social Media. However, I am making an exception because it is a relevant and great comparison.
  • If any part of this post offends you, please remove me as a connection. Stand by your convictions, as will I. Thank you.

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